Grazing 101 Video Series

You may have untapped cost savings in your pasture. Watch our Grazing 101 video series to learn more about how to utilize available pasture as part of your herd’s diet. In this seven-part series, Mike Lamborn, your DFA Grazing consultant, discusses the basics behind pasture management, rotational grazing, building a feed wedge and how to ensure high-quality feed that will ensure high production and significant savings.

Whether you’re considering transitioning to a hybrid grazing operation or are an experienced grazier, Mike offers dozens of helpful hints and best practices in this new video series.

Topics in this series include:

  • Using a rising plate meter to collect data
  • Developing a data-driven pasture management plan
  • Building a feed wedge
  • Ensuring pasture quality
  • Managing for optimum grazing levels

Watch the latest episode of Grazing 101:


Watch the first six episodes on our YouTube channel.