No-till Overseeding
January 02, 2021
To those Southeast Area dairy folks that rely on winter annual forages for early winter through spring … NOW is the time to be no-till overseeding your warm season perennial pastures. Any of the cereal varieties i.e. winter wheat, triticale, winter rye and oats are especially time sensitive because of all tend to head out in mid spring. To maximize the number of grazings you get, they must be sown now. The annual ryegrass ‘window’ is a little wider but for best germination results producers need to get their ryegrass in no later than Nov. 15. All winter annuals LOVE nitrogen. At the 2 leaf stage, 60 units of N in one application will boost growth and bring adequate grazing length forward by approx. two weeks and produce 8-10 pounds of dry matter for every unit of N put out.